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There’s no place like home, when your home is New England! There’s so much so near. And Yankee is the magazine that intimately explores and abundantly shares all that the region offers. You’ll get a wealth of suggestions for where to go and things to do … without spending a fortune. You’ll discover pleasures and treasures in unexpected places. You’ll read helpful articles with practical suggestions for adding character and value to your own home and garden. Plus, you’ll bring both innovative and classic New England dishes to your table with recipes that showcase the bounty of each season.
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When you order a Yankee Magazine subscription, each issue will take you to easy-to-reach destinations with hard-to-resist temptations. Whether you have …

Babbling Brook - New England Lighthouse - New England Omni Mount Washington Hotel

… a day …

You’ll discover fabulous daytrips to attractions that are nearby — but far from the ordinary. From mansions that preserve the Gilded Age to carousels where you can still grab the brass ring … from country stores that still stock penny candy to tree farms where you bring home those memories no money can buy.

… a weekend …

Yankee will introduce you to getaways you can get to without hassle — from towns alive with tradition to hidden corners where nature is untouched. Plus, you’ll appreciate Yankee’s experienced “inn-sight” for selecting the best in country lodging — from romantic B&Bs to pampering spas.

… a week …

When it comes to a vacation, you can relax. Yankee brings you itineraries and destinations for every season and all your interests. Yankee will show you where to enjoy a quintessential shore vacation complete with lobsters and sand castles … or celebrate New England’s ever-changing beauty on an unhurried and unforgettable foliage tour.

… or a lifetime …

With each issue, Yankee Magazine invites readers into a remarkable “House for Sale.” It could be an artist’s home by the sea in Maine, or a restored 1840s Colonial in New England’s most photographed village, or even a Rhode Island house where George Washington really did sleep.

Lake House - New England

Every issue of Yankee Magazine is full of great ideas …


… for your home …

You’ll find inspired plans and designs that work. You’ll get tips for remodeling, renovating, and redecorating to make your home ever more welcoming, warm, and comfortable. You’ll discover ways to add light and space, to cut energy costs, and to increase convenience without sacrificing character.


… for your garden …

What’s inside Yankee will brighten the world outside your door. Expert horticulturists will show you how to select the right plants for New England’s climate and soil. You’ll get practical advice for growing heirloom vegetables, for creating a carefree lawn, for planting a perennial garden, and more.

Maine Lobster

… for your table …

Yankee is the magazine that you, your family, and your guests will savor. Each issue brings you recipes that highlight the season’s fresh ingredients. From starspangled summer cookouts to old-fashioned holiday feasts, you’ll create dishes that are festive, healthy, and delicious.

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New England. It’s where you’re close to perfection! There’s so much near, and Yankee is the magazine that intimately explores and abundantly shares all that the region offers.
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