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Maine Travel Destinations | Fall

Favorite Yankee Stories of Maine’s Picturesque Autumn Locations

acadia-national-200x150 Acadia National Park
When people think of Acadia, they think of it mostly as a refuge for nature; it’s been viewed as such since the first artists from Eastern Seaboard cities ventured here in the 1840s. But Acadia is no more a work of pure nature than Michelangelo’s David is a block of pure marble.
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baxter-park-200x150 Baxter State Park
We’d been climbing Katahdin in the near darkness for more than an hour, at first lighting our way from Chimney Pond over the steep, boulder-strewn Saddle Trail by flashlight, then by the breaking dawn. On the plateau we paused.
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southern-coast-200x150 Off-Season on Maine’s Southern Coast
I know of few things more satisfying than to sleep by the sea. It matters little whether I find a room large or small, plain or fancy. It’s the windows that matter; if I can see, hear, and smell the sea, I’m a happy traveler.
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Favorite Yankee Stories of Maine’s Special Summer Places

maine-ogunquit-200x150 Ogunquit | Maine’s Best Beach Town
In Ogunquit, folks plan each summer day according to the tides. Halfway between high tide and low tide, when the current of the Ogunquit River flows swiftly out to the Atlantic, people congregate on the flat stretch of sand that rolls down to the riverbank.
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maine-moosehead-200x150 Moosehead Lake | Maine’s Largest Lake
In places, Moosehead is as wide as most lakes are long, but our family is drawn to the narrow passage at its midpoint. A dirt road forks off through the woods to The Birches’ lakeside lodge and cabins at Rockwood, a village of camps and marinas at the mouth of the Moose River.
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maine-penobscot-200x150 Penobscot Bay | Sailing on a Windjammer
We board the schooner American Eagle in the late-summer darkness, the last of the 26 passengers to arrive for the four-day Penobscot Bay cruise that will set sail in the morning. Captain John Foss welcomes us.
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