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New England 101

New England Fashion | Project Driveway

Welcome to New England, where people dress like it’s nobody’s business … because it is nobody’s business. Fashion for Compliments Traditional fisherman’s garb is based on those ceramic figurines sold in every tourist shop from Biddeford to Bar Harbor. A pipe and beard are considered de rigueur accessories, although many female fisherfolk omit the pipe. [...] Read More

Scenes of New England

Featured Photographer: Jeffrey Newcomer

Featured Photographer: Jeffrey Newcomer

Jeff Newcomer has been a physician practicing in New Hampshire and Vermont for over 30 years. During that...  Read more

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New England Food

Cains Mayonnaise | Favorite Local Brands

Cains Mayonnaise | Favorite Local Brands

Since 1924, Cains Mayonnaise has been the local brand of choice for many New Englanders for adding flavor...  Read more

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  • Mohawk Trail Timeline | History Along the Trail

    Mohawk Trail Timeline | History Along the Trail

    PREHISTORY A rough pathway connects several American Indian tribes, who use it for trading, hunting, and, occasionally, warring with one another: the Wampanoags, Nipmucs, Mahicans, Mohawks, and others. But the Pocumtucks are the primary residents of what would become the...

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Art & Culture

Jud's Journal

  • The Year We Predicted Snow for July and August

    Welcome to the October 2014 edition of “Jud’s New England Journal,” the rather curious monthly musings of Judson Hale, the Editor-in-Chief of Yankee Magazine, published since 1935 in Dublin, NH.   The Year We Predicted Snow for July and August And it turned out there was lots of it that summer!      Not everyone...Read more

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