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New England 101

Moffatt’s Christmas Tree Farm | This May Be Your Tree

North of where you’re reading this, there’s a hayfield with rolling hills, and in a certain portion which probably made poor hay, a farmer thought, “Well, let’s try some balsams.” And in the spring of 2003, he did. Had you visited this plantation last week, you would have wandered across the sprawling meadow into a [...] Read More

Scenes of New England

Featured Photographer: Jeffrey Newcomer

Featured Photographer: Jeffrey Newcomer

Jeff Newcomer has been a physician practicing in New Hampshire and Vermont for over 30 years. During that...  Read more

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New England Food

Potato Stuffing

Potato Stuffing

Why make both mashed potatoes and stuffing when you could combine them into tasty potato stuffing? Made with...  Read more

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Weather Disasters

  • Blizzard of 1888

    Blizzard of 1888

    Excerpt from “He’s Still Burried in the Blizzard of ’88,” Yankee Magazine, September 1988 The Blizzard of 1888 dumped the greatest amount of snow ever to have fallen in the United States in one storm. And author Judd Caplovich discovered...

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  • Thanksgiving Holiday History | Footnote to History

    Thanksgiving Holiday History | Footnote to History

    The country was still emerging from the depression when Franklin D. Roosevelt announced, in the summer of 1939, that he was moving the Thanksgiving holiday from the last Thursday in November to the Thursday preceding it. In purely economic terms,...

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Art & Culture

Jud's Journal

  • Exactly What, Why & When Is Indian Summer?

      Welcome to the November 2014 edition of Jud’s New England Journal, the rather curious monthly musings of Judson Hale, the Editor-in-Chief of Yankee Magazine, published since 1935 in Dublin, N.H Exactly What, Why & When Is Indian Summer?  The answers are not as simple as you may think…      After Labor Day has...Read more

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