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What I Did Over Summer Vacation

What I Did Over Summer Vacation
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An introduction from Yankee‘s headquarters:

Last year, Ginny Newton and Steve Lorenz won Yankee Magazine‘s Editors’ Choice Photo Contest in 2010. To enter, you must submit a photo of an Editors’ Choice location. Each photo of a different location counts as a new entry. We were so impressed with Ginny and Steve’s enthusiasm and looked forward to see where they’d visited as they entered more images to the contest that we asked Ginny to blog about her adventures. She accepted our invitation, and what follows is a “What I Did Over Summer Vacation” photo essay. One other little note: Ginny says “er” instead of “or.” It might make her grammarian sister cringe, but we like it. So, without further delay, here’s Ginny.

Hello blog readers! I’ve never blogged, but Yankee asked, so I figured, Why not?

First, the quick history: Up until last year Yankee Magazine was something my parents read and was based in the same town as the girls’ camp I went to as a child.  I can’t tell you what got me to pick up the magazine or how I blundered across the 2010 Editors’ Choice Award (ECA) listings in the May/June issue, but I did and something sparked.

Over the last few years  Steve and I have enjoyed discovering the attractions in our own backyard.  The ECA’s helped us create our own mix of geocash-scavenger-treasure hunt.  When we are feeling adventurous, bored, or have a trip already planned, we break out the ECA’s and figure out what’s on or slightly out of our way.  Mapping is the first part of our adventure.  Using one of the online mapping programs, we plot our course, print the directions, grab the atlas and off we go!  As I am the girl behind the camera Steve became the guy in front of the camera and for the folks at Yankee Magazine we became their version of “Where’s Waldo” er “Steve-o” in our case.

Here are some highlights from our 2010 adventuring:

Steve and Maggie

Our very first destination, Stoney Ledge on Mount Greylock in Williamstown, Massachusetts, was a bit of a jump into the deep end.  It was only a mile er so down (then up) that trail–easy. Except, it got a bit hotter and a bit more humid as we walked, and walked, and continued to walk.  How long was this trail again and why didn’t we bring any water?  As we were foolishly committed to the journey we did eventually arrive and the view was stunning!  This photo does not do it justice.  Go… see for yourself. Bring water, bug spray, comfy walking shoes and your camera.

Tuck and Holand

We’ve been taking a week’s vacation on Martha’s Vineyard for many, many years but it took the ECA’s to get us to visit Tuck & Holand.  Fantastical weathervanes and a wonderfully random conversation with Tony, it was so worth the visit and made me wish we needed a weather-vane!

The Restaurant at L.A. Burdick Handmade Chocolates in Walpole, New Hampshire

It’s not too often that I end up in a photo, but the mirrors at LA Burdick in Walpole, New Hampshire, offered up the opportunity.  While there, we were filled to capacity with buttery rich, wonderfully enticing food, and heavenly chocolates! Home for us is just off of Route 63 in Massachusetts.

Inn at Valley Farms

Thanks to the ECA, The Inn at Valley Farms (also in Walpole), and our mapping prowess, we learned that 63’s northern origin point is just outside of Walpole, so we meandered our way home on it.  It reminded me of the Sunday drives my parents used to take us on.

Steve and Maggie at the Peace Pagoda

The last photo that we took for the 2010 ECA’s photo contest was on the last day of the contest and was all of 10 minutes from our house.  The Peace Pagoda in Leverett, Massachusetts,  is a place I had always known was there and was on my list of places to get to… someday.  So it took the ECA to give me that final push. A minor climb is involved to reach the pagoda but we felt it was well worth the visit.  Tranquility lives there and fills your soul with a quietude that you can carry away with you when you depart.


Ginny and Steve

I am humbled to report that we did end up being one of the random winners for Yankee’s Editors’ Choice Photo Contest in 2010.   Who knows, maybe I will rattle on about our expedition to the Omni Mount Washington Resort in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, in the near future?  We were and continue to be exceedingly excited and grateful for the experiences traveling the ECA has given us.

Thanks for reading and I hope you are inspired to venture out on your own tours of the Editors’ Choice winners.

Ginny Newton




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