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New England is Delicious

Lifestyle editor Amy Traverso travels New England searching for the best food to share with Yankee's readers, then takes that inspiration into the kitchen. A Connecticut native, Amy calls New England "one of the most vibrant and innovative food scenes in the country. It has truly become a very delicious place to live." This September, W.W. Norton & Company will publish her book, The Apple Lover's Cookbook.

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Beach Plum Jam

12 votes, 2.75 avg. rating (56% score)

I spent the last week of August in Wellfleet with my family. On Cape Cod, the end of... Read More »

The 20 Most New Englandy Dishes

The 20 Most New Englandy Dishes

19 votes, 3.74 avg. rating (74% score)

Imogene Woolcott was Yankee‘s first food editor and the first mass-media authority on New England cooking. Consider her... Read More »

Quick and Easy Illustrated Recipes for Winter

3 votes, 4.33 avg. rating (84% score)

Lauren Stein is a Boston-based journalist and author whose charming new book, Fresh Made Simple (Storey Publishing: 2015),... Read More »

10 Tips for Making Great Pie

10 Tips for Making Great Pie

4 votes, 4.00 avg. rating (79% score)

First, let me say that pie is one of my favorite things to make. But it took time... Read More »

Farm-to-Table Bounty on Cape Cod | Chatham Bars Inn Farm

4 votes, 4.00 avg. rating (79% score)

When Arrows Restaurant opened in Ogunquit, Maine in 1988, the idea of a fine-dining restaurant supplying its own... Read More »

Inside the New Boston Public Market

5 votes, 3.20 avg. rating (66% score)

For years, Boston’s food community has lamented the lack of a permanent, year-round food market along the lines... Read More »

A Delicious 15-Minute Asparagus and Mushroom Salad

4 votes, 2.50 avg. rating (55% score)

It’s prime asparagus season, a tender green bonanza, a harbinger of summer’s bounty. And nowhere is this season... Read More »

Connecticut River Shad with Asparagus | A Recipe for Shad Season

7 votes, 4.57 avg. rating (89% score)

Tracy Medeiros loves farmers and local food. She’s written two books about the homegrown delights of her adopted... Read More »

Brooke Dojny’s Shrimp and Fennel Chowder

2 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (92% score)

Just as we were wrapping up work on on our big chowder story in the March/April issue, I... Read More »

Lemon Zest Cake

13 votes, 4.28 avg. rating (85% score)

Jessica Robinson grew up on a small farm in Connecticut, where her family grew crops, raised livestock, and... Read More »

Spring Pea Soup with Shrimp Dumplings

Spring Pea Soup with Shrimp Dumplings

6 votes, 3.33 avg. rating (68% score)

This elegant soup is inspired by a classic Chinese dish, shrimp and snow peas, but the preparation will... Read More »

Potato Chowder to Pesto | A Brief History of Yankee’s Recipe Archives

2 votes, 3.50 avg. rating (72% score)

This year marks Yankee‘s 80th anniversary. Eighty years! Not bad for an independent , family-owned publishing company (actually,... Read More »

Cardamom Coffee Cake | Step-by-Step Instructions

2 votes, 4.00 avg. rating (79% score)

Every cook needs a great coffee cake recipe for those lazy Sundays or potluck brunches or bake sales.... Read More »

Maine Potato Donuts

12 votes, 3.96 avg. rating (79% score)

We’ve run a few good recipes for Maine potato donuts over the years, but this particular one was... Read More »

Best-Ever Brownies | Step-by-Step Recipe

4 votes, 4.25 avg. rating (83% score)

What makes these brownies so good? They’re dense, crisp on top, chewy in the center, and intensely chocolately.... Read More »

Testing Tom Brady’s Pancakes

7 votes, 4.43 avg. rating (87% score)

Basking in today’s recaps of the Patriot’s unbelievable Super Bowl victory last night, I stumbled across this story... Read More »

Perfect Roast Chicken

15 votes, 3.93 avg. rating (78% score)

We have been getting so much enthusiastic feedback from our readers about Marjorie Druker’s roast chicken recipe, which... Read More »

Secrets of spritz cookies

3 votes, 4.33 avg. rating (84% score)

    The Iced Cranberry Spritz Cookies that appear in this month’s issue of Yankee are sweet, buttery,... Read More »

Dancing Deer Baking Co |Holiday Factory Tour

1 vote, 3.00 avg. rating (69% score)

One of the winners of this year’s Editor’s Choice Food Awards is Dancing Deer Baking Co., specifically their... Read More »

Jeremy Sewall’s Roasted Cauliflower Soup

6 votes, 4.50 avg. rating (88% score)

I don’t know of any chefs with deeper New England roots than Jeremy Sewall. His restaurant, Lineage, lies... Read More »

Colonial Baking at Plimoth Plantation

0 votes, 0.00 avg. rating (0% score)

  There’s a new exhibit at Plimoth Plantation, a working bakery that will bring early American baking traditions... Read More »

Gearing up for Apple Season

2 votes, 3.50 avg. rating (72% score)

It’s always exciting to see the first local apples in the markets. I saw some this past weekend... Read More »

Berry-Fig Cream Parfaits

2 votes, 2.50 avg. rating (59% score)

  Summer is approaching peak bounty here in New England. Blueberries, raspberries, figs, peaches are in every market.... Read More »

Brown Bread Muffins

14 votes, 4.00 avg. rating (79% score)

Brown bread may not strike you as a summer treat, but I’d argue that, along with cornbread, it’s... Read More »

Perfect Fried Chicken

12 votes, 4.25 avg. rating (84% score)

Fried chicken is having a renaissance. Of course, it never really went away. But this year, I’m hearing... Read More »

Easy Lemon Sherbet

12 votes, 3.67 avg. rating (73% score)

  What is sherbet and how was it different from sorbet? I never quite knew until this delicious... Read More »

Revisiting New England best restaurants, circa 1940

3 votes, 4.33 avg. rating (84% score)

    A few weeks ago, I wrote about Imogene Wolcott, Yankee’s first food editor, and her list... Read More »

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