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YKE-CVR1_YK0315-210Yankee’s September/October Fall Foliage Issue: Slow Down to Savor the Sights and Tastes of Autumn in New England

DUBLIN, New Hampshire (August 1, 2014)—Yankee Magazine’s September/October 2014 issue, on newsstands August 26, revels in the splendor of fall in New England. It extols the virtues of slow drives, and recommends taking the time to stop, look around, visit places, and meet people that are as memorable as the foliage show itself. It celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Mohawk Trail, a great American Byway in Massachusetts. Autumn in New England ignites all the senses. Taste buds get a treat with apple season: Visit New England’s best cider festival, or indulge in sweet and savory apple recipes. For more New England foliage information—and to learn the dos and don’ts of autumn travel, plus scenic foliage drives, photography tips, foliage photos, fall facts, and more—visit:

“In New England, we speak of the fleeting days of autumn, when the leaves consume our eyes with color, and then suddenly, or so it seems, flutter to the ground, piled into pale ghosts of their former selves,” says Mel Allen, editor of Yankee Magazine. “With fall here and gone so quickly, it’s easy to think that we have to gulp it down, as if the season will be gone before we’ve started. Don’t do it. These pages carry a simple message: Slow down. Right now. Take fall in sips—and not just the scenery and the leaves, but the people you’ll meet along the way, as well. Those roadside farmstands, with their squashes and crates of apples and portly pumpkins all piled high, create a tableau as colorful as anything that lies beyond the bend in the road. If ever there was a place and if ever there was a time to drive slowly, to let the speedometer needle slide to the left, it’s here: New England in September and October.

“The roads we send you on in “Slow Drives Through Fall Color” (p. 30) were chosen not only for what you’ll see, but for whom you may meet, and for where you might be tempted to stop. They loop around lakes, and flow through small towns that will constantly surprise you. They cut through mountain vistas, and drop into saltwater farmscapes so pretty you’ll wonder why you’ve never been there before.”

To read more about Yankee’s September/October Issue, click here.

Kate Hathaway Weeks
Director of Brand Marketing

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