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10 Bear Facts

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1. About 30,000 black bears (Ursus americanus) live in New England. 2. Male black bears can weigh up... Read More »

Bear Hair and Emu Oil | Only in New England

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Each winter, the bears at Clark’s Trading Post in Lincoln, New Hampshire, build up thick, woolly coats just... Read More »

Clark’s Trading Post | Bear Show in Lincoln, New Hampshire

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In the ring at Clark’s Trading Post, a six-foot seven-inch, 440-pound black bear named Pemi stands up like... Read More »

Here in New England: The Man Who Watches Bears

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The bears will soon be here. Ben Kilham is confident of that. It’s a mild evening in early... Read More »

Maine Black Bears | Yankee Classic

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This Yankee Magazine Classic is from December 1978 Also, read a photographer’s account of his 2007 excursion to... Read More »

Tracking Maine’s Black Bears

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Last winter I went deep into the Maine wilderness with wildlife biologist Randy Cross and his crew of... Read More »