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Coventry Farmers’ Market in Coventry, CT

Coventry Farmers’ Market in Coventry, CT

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No matter where I travel around New England from May through October, I am always thinking about which... Read More »

Exploring Historic Wethersfield, Connecticut

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Where’s the oldest and largest historic district in the state of Connecticut? In Wethersfield, of course. Founded in... Read More »

Gillette Castle and Chester, CT

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Did you ever turn a corner and suddenly feel like you’ve driven off the map? Discovered your own... Read More »

Historic Essex Village | The Perfect Small Town

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Surrounded on three sides by water, historic Essex Village – the perfect small town – juts into the... Read More »

Nuances of New Haven, Connecticut | A Complex City

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New Haven, Connecticut, is complex the way wines from the south of France can be. Just when you... Read More »

Old Saybrook, Connecticut | A Historic Village on the Connecticut Shoreline

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With the Connecticut River twisting alongside it, feathering its briny fingers through the eastern border before pushing into... Read More »

Royal Lipizzan Stallions Come to Connecticut’s Quiet Corner

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Yankee’s Top Summer Events from the May/June 2012 issue featured a late August performance by Herrmanns’ Royal Lipizzan... Read More »