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Rhode Island in Foliage Season

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Okay, her palette is more subdued. But like her big New England sisters, our state also dresses up... Read More »

Secrets of Preserving Leaves Activity

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When I was a little girl, I had a three-block walk to school. On these walks in the... Read More »

September/October Issue Explores New England’s Peak Travel Season

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Discover What to Do and Where to Go This AutumnContact:Heather AtwellCommunications ManagerPh. 603-563-8111, ext. DUBLIN, New Hampshire... Read More »

Slide Show: 2010 Fall Photo Contest Gallery

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The 2010 foliage season was shorter than normal this year, but that didn’t stop our readers from getting... Read More »

SLIDE SHOW: Fall Photo Contest Winners

SLIDE SHOW: Fall Photo Contest Winners

5 votes, 4.80 avg. rating (93% score)

Yankee Magazine launched its first digital fall photo contest in 2004 and continues the tradition today. View the... Read More »

SLIDE SHOW: Halloween

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Halloween is just around the corner! As surely as autumn leaves turn red, lights outside New England homes... Read More »

SLIDE SHOW: New England Foliage by Susan Cole Kelly

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Meet Susan Cole Kelly. Sue has been photographing New England for over 20 years and works with local... Read More »

Speaking My Mind: Where will you go for the best foliage in New England?

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Click here to tell us what you think. Theresa Pontbriand — I travel Rt 30 from Jamaica to... Read More »

Submit Your Photos: Halloween Decorations

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Share your ideas online. Take digital photos of your home (inside or outside) decorated for Halloween. See SLIDESHOW:... Read More »

Tauck’s “Classic New England” Tour

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Arthur Tauck Sr. started the whole leaf-peeping trade in 1925, when he first took paying passengers to see... Read More »

The 50- Year Foliage Plan | A Random Act of Canopy

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Drive to Irasburg along this dirt thoroughfare, locally known as The Crik (Road), and you might not notice... Read More »

The Encyclopedia of Fall: L is for Leaf Peepers

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The Perfectionist Like a knight searching for the Holy Grail, the Perfectionist is on a sacred quest for... Read More »

The Leaf Seeker: Jeff Folger

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Where is peak color? Yankee editor Mel Allen has the answer! Start your trip: What to See in... Read More »

The Top 25 Foliage Towns in New England

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We chose 14 categories we felt best defined a great fall outing: color, scenery, vistas, water reflections, drives,... Read More »

Vermont’s Official Foliage Forecaster | Driving with the Leaf Spotter

6 votes, 5.00 avg. rating (96% score)

  Late last summer, Vermont’s tourism department announced that Michael Snyder, commissioner of the Forests, Parks & Recreation... Read More »

What is There to See In New England?

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From Vermont’s Green Mountains to Rhode Island’s vast coast line, there’s a reason to visit every New England... Read More »

WHEN YOU GO: Top 25 Foliage Towns

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Here’s information on a sampling of the places (by state, and in no particular order) that Michael Blanding... Read More »

Why Leaves Change Color

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1. Leaves contain a green pigment called chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is instrumental in photosynthesis, the process in which energy... Read More »

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