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Antique Shops for Vintage Housewares

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Antiques add richness to any home decor. Here are some of Matthew Mead’s favorite places to shop for... Read More »

Barn Renovated into Home in Putney, Vermont

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It couldn’t be more Vermont if you poured maple syrup over it: the winding dirt road, arching shade... Read More »

Budget Bedroom Makeovers

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Is your bedroom starting to look old and tired? Revive it in a weekend with these inexpensive and... Read More »

Cottage Addition on a Budget

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When graphic designer Carol Kolodny built her cottage in Vineyard Haven in 1981, she had plenty of room... Read More »

Cottage in Historic Middletown, RI

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It falls quietly, here in this gentle clearing, snow as downy as a feather. Brushing up against the... Read More »

Decorating with Neutral Colors | Home Style

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There’s a story that Kelly McGuill’s two sisters like to tell about their childhood in the pretty Boston... Read More »

Federal-Style Farmhouse in Vermont Inspires Reinvention

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An unfinished farmhouse inspires expat empty-nesters to reinvent themselves in the Green Mountains. There was nothing about Peter... Read More »

Home Decor | Make Small Rooms Look Larger

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Small, boxy rooms can sometimes make you feel as if the walls are closing in. But the way... Read More »

House Tour | 1950s Home Decor

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  Everyone who knows Pam Kueber wants to see her kitchen. It’s aquamarine and steel and would easily... Read More »

House Tour | Alyson Horrocks’ 18th-Century Colonial Home

10 votes, 4.70 avg. rating (92% score)

When Alyson Horrocks, along with her husband, Russ, and four children, relocated from California to the East coast,... Read More »

House Tour | Reclaiming the Soul of a House with Salvaged Materials

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When my husband and I set out to restore an 1873 two-family house to the single it was... Read More »

Isle Au Haut, ME: Linda Greenlaw’s Retreat

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At first approach, Linda Greenlaw’s home on Isle au Haut, a brawny island seven miles off the coast... Read More »

Neoclassical Style Renovations: Restored Brownstone Home

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Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood is filled with buildings that look grand and historic from the outside. Inside, however,... Read More »

New Farmhouse Style

4 votes, 4.50 avg. rating (87% score)

Look for home decorating ideas just in time for the holidays. Designer Terry John Woods’ farmhouse style features... Read More »

New Hampshire Post and Beam House

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Build on the heights; raise it to the sky. As any good cathedral builder from the Middle Ages... Read More »

Waterfront House in Jamestown, RI | Home Decor

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To look at Casey and Garret Roberts’ home, you’d think it was part of the coastline. Their Rhode... Read More »