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Companion Planting to Get Rid of Garden Pests

5 votes, 2.60 avg. rating (56% score)

Despite their size, or lack there-of, the creepy-crawly and winged variety of pests can do serious damage to... Read More »

Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen

16 votes, 3.75 avg. rating (75% score)

This simple recipe using sugar, Borax and water will get rid of ants in the kitchen. Ants are... Read More »

Get Rid of Cockroaches

1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (89% score)

Cockroaches eat bookbinding, paper, and starched clothing. They also contaminate food and — quite frankly — are just... Read More »

Get Rid of Silverfish

1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (89% score)

Silverfish aren’t only annoying, they’re also destructive. They eat glue, books, papers, artwork and clothing and can cause... Read More »

Get Rid of Skunk Odor | Methods to Deskunk Your Dog

Get Rid of Skunk Odor | Methods to Deskunk Your Dog

11 votes, 3.64 avg. rating (73% score)

Everyone knows that tomato juice is handy for deskunking a dog, but it’s not the only old-time remedy... Read More »

Greenheads | Learn about Greenhead Flies, the Beasts of the Northern Wild

22 votes, 4.45 avg. rating (88% score)

The wild serenity of the salt marsh stretches from Maine to Florida. It is a world caught between... Read More »

How to Keep Squirrels out of Bird Feeders | Simple Solutions

14 votes, 3.71 avg. rating (74% score)

Squirrels are notorious pests when it comes to stealing food that’s been put out for the birds. Here... Read More »

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