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Vermont Daylillies

Yankee Plus Dec 2015


Vermont Daylillies
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The weather has been so glorious lately and my thoughts are turning to the beautiful corner of northern Vermont where my gardening imagination is fed. In real life, I have a small backyard and we live with in blocks of the Boston city line, but I like to imagine that I can create a slice of Vermont on my small plot of land.

My garden is young and not yet ready for prime time, but let me share one inspiration: a daylily nursery in the corner of Vermont near Caspian Lake.

IMG_3382 IMG_3363

This is Vermont Daylilies in Greensboro. Isn’t it gorgeous? Here, you’ll find more than 800 varieties of daylily (scientific name Hemerocallis) in a stunning array of peaches, yellows, reds, burgundies, purples, oranges, whites, and greens. Daylilies of all sizes, with ruffled or shredded petals, striations and subtle gradations.



It’s located on a beautiful plot of land behind the Lakeview Inn with views of Greensboro’s rolling landscape and owners John and Kathy Hunt are welcoming and helpful. You can also take a look at their antique shop on the same site. You’ll find it at 295 Breezy Lane. For hours and directions, call (802) 533-2438.


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