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Vermont Daylillies

Vermont Daylillies
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The weather has been so glorious lately and my thoughts are turning to the beautiful corner of northern Vermont where my gardening imagination is fed. In real life, I have a small backyard and we live with in blocks of the Boston city line, but I like to imagine that I can create a slice of Vermont on my small plot of land.

My garden is young and not yet ready for prime time, but let me share one inspiration: a daylily nursery in the corner of Vermont near Caspian Lake.


This is Vermont Daylilies in Greensboro. Isn’t it gorgeous? Here, you’ll find more than 800 varieties of daylily (scientific name Hemerocallis) in a stunning array of peaches, yellows, reds, burgundies, purples, oranges, whites, and greens. Daylilies of all sizes, with ruffled or shredded petals, striations and subtle gradations.



It’s located on a beautiful plot of land behind the Lakeview Inn with views of Greensboro’s rolling landscape and owners John and Kathy Hunt are welcoming and helpful. You can also take a look at their antique shop on the same site. You’ll find it at 295 Breezy Lane. For hours and directions, call (802) 533-2438.


Updated Thursday, August 1st, 2013
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