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July/August 2013 Issue Celebrates Summer in New England | Travel, Food, and Home

July/August 2013 Issue Celebrates Summer in New England | Travel, Food, and Home
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July/August 2013 Issue Celebrates Summer in New England | Travel, Food, and Home
Yankee Magazine, July/August 2013
Yankee Magazine, July/August 2013

DUBLIN, New Hampshire (June 12, 2013)—Yankee Magazine’s July/August 2013, on newsstands June 25,  issue revels in New England’s summertime bliss. Travel to the region’s pristine northern waters for the ultimate in summer relaxation. Feast upon mouthwatering recipes featuring juicy peaches, plums, and cherries. Find inspiration to transform your living space—both indoors and out—with salvaged materials. It’s time to explore New England. This issue will get you started with over 100 events, and much more to see and do across New England.

“Inside Yankee’s July/August issue, a theme of timelessness emerges. You’ll find the enduring beauty of New England shining through in ‘In the Shadow of Mount Washington’ (p. 76) and ‘Greatest Lakes’ (p. 30). ‘Who Owns the Beach?’ (p. 98) is a question that has been asked probably as long as there have been breaking waves and hot days and homes built hard against the sands. The struggle to answer that question is spotlighted in one Maine community, and it’s a question that no doubt will be asked by anyone reading it,” says editor Mel Allen. “’Lessons from the Hayfield’ (p. 94) could have been written by a father a century ago, as the joys of hard work shared under a hot summer sun are handed down generation to generation, and there’s little doubt that the sprawling Vermont field will be hayed just this way 50 years ahead. Summer. Good days to come.”

Inside Yankee’s July/August Issue

Feature stories:

“In the Shadow of Mount Washington” — photographed by Richard Schultz; text by Mel Allen (page 76): In the heart of the Granite State, photographer Richard Schultz captures the valley’s spectacular beauty and the faces of the people who call it home.

“Beasts of the Northern Wild” — by Annie Graves (page 86):  The Greenhead fly is coming in for a landing.  Here’s how to fight back.

“Lessons from the Hayfield” — by Ben Hewitt (page 94): Long days spent baling together inspire a neighborly trust, respect, and gratitude that linger long after season’s end.

“The Big Question”— by Crystal Chan (page 92): We ask Circus Smirkus founder Rob Mermin how he ran away and got “sawdust in his veins.”

“Who Owns the Beach?” — by Ian Aldrich (page 98): Ongoing battles over the region’s shoreline access have divided communities, ended friendships, even fractured families.

The Guide:

New England’s pristine northern waters offer the ultimate in summer relaxation. The Travel section explores some of the greatest lakes in New England: Moosehead Lake, Maine; Belgrade Lakes, Maine; Damariscotta Lake, Maine; Newfound Lake, New Hampshire; and Lake Willoughby, Vermont.

In the Food section, gather summer’s bounty of stone fruits—peaches, plums, apricots, and cherries—then start cooking (and eating): Butter Lettuce Salad with Cherries & Goat Cheese; Apricot Clafoutis; Quinoa Pudding with Vanilla-Peach Compote; Peach-Strawberry-Ginger Crumble; Nectarines with Broiled Custard; and Chocolate Plum Cake (page 62). Maine lobsterman Dick Bridges is Yankee’s Best Cook in Town and shares his mother’s lobster chowder recipe (page 70). And in “Homegrown,” Eva Sommaripa’s herb garden provides the starring ingredients for a recipe for Baked Herb Omelet with Feta and Mushrooms, adapted from Wild Flavors: One Chef’s Transformative Year Cooking from Eva’s Farm by Didi Emmons (page 72).

In Yankee’s Home section, a visit to salvage artist Jeff Soderbergh’s yard reveals the beauty of his work—furniture and sculptures made from repurposed materials (page 48).   In “New England’s Finest,” bath, body, and skin-care products from companies in New England that use ingredients from nature (page 54). Learn how to make a laminate tote from cast-away plastic grocery bags in “Inspired Ideas” (page 56).

And More:

“A Red, White & Blue Day” — by Jim Collins (page 16): Bristol, Rhode Island, has celebrated Independence Day since 1785 with a “Military, Civic, and Firemen’s Fourth of July Parade.” At 228 and counting, it’s the longest such tradition in the country.

“Landmarks We Love”— by Ken Sheldon (page 20): A humorous look at New England’s historic sites and manmade masterpieces, from the beautiful to the baffling.

“Where to Watch Wildlife: The Best 5”— by Diane Bair and Pamela Wright (page 22): Wildlife viewing is one of the most popular outdoor activities in the country. Find out the best places to view moose, eagles, herons, whales, and bears in New England.

“Ice Cream Guru”—by Ian Aldrich (page 25): Gus Rancatore, owner of award-winning Toscanini’s in Cambridge’s Central Square, shares his simple tips for making delicious ice cream at home.

“Local Treasure: Mark Twain Slept Here”— by Aimee Seavey (page 26): At the Mark Twain House & Museum in Hartford, Connecticut, Twain’s black walnut bed, which he called the “the most comfortable bedstead that ever was,” is a showpiece on display in his bedroom. He used it in reverse, with his pillows at the footboard so he could have a better view of the ornate headboard.

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