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Holiday Traditions | Mrs. Nelson's Chocolates

Holiday Traditions | Mrs. Nelson’s Chocolates
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Mrs. Nelson's CandyPhoto/Art by Courtesy of Mrs. Nelson's Chocolate HouseJust after Thanksgiving, as far back into my childhood as I can remember, my mother’s Aunt Kay and Uncle Nobby (yes, “Nobby”), sent my family a multi-tiered box of chocolates from Mrs. Nelson’s Candy House in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. They were distant relatives that I recall meeting only once or twice. But that beautifully gift-wrapped, hefty box of confections arrived by mail from them each year. A simple gift, sure, but as a kid, that box of chocolates marked the beginning of Christmas time. It was our first gift of the season and part of the fun was the anticipation of it. The pretty package, the irresistible scent when the cover was lifted from the box, and the fact that this was really good chocolate were all just a bonus. Aunt Kay and Uncle Nobby died many years ago, but Mrs. Nelson’s Candy House is still shipping fine chocolates worldwide. So early in December, I allow myself to get a little nostalgic, and I place my own order, await its arrival by mail, and share the wonderful contents with friends and family that come to visit.View Article

Debbie Despres


Debbie Despres


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