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Speaking My Mind: Should New Hampshire keep the first-in-the-nation primary?

by in Nov 2007
Speaking My Mind: Should New Hampshire keep the first-in-the-nation primary?
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Evelyn McCarthy — I have been a resident of NH for 20 yrs. It is a wonderful state (country) to live in. Being a part of such a wonderful place…I see no reason to change the Primary to another state. It started here…and has done well here…and it should BELONG here… Is it politics or envy that causes the want to change to another state….?

Barbara Welcome — I agree 100% with Alex Leoni, that NH should remain as the first voting primary. Why can’t bureautics (probably spelled wrong) in the parties leave well enough alone. This has worked since its inception and should remain as such. Doing this new way to me is politically incorrect.Take the money being blown and put it to use in a much better way, e.g. better medical care, lower taxes, help the homeless.

Lynda True — I agree with Mel Allen. I came of age in NH, where l learned the importance of researching each candidate (regardless of party), making an educated decision, and taking the time to cast my ballot. People in NH are not influenced by fame or fortune, and take the right to vote as seriously as their freedom. They set a high standard for the rest of the country and believe that every individual vote counts, including yours and mine. That’s an American tradition worth keeping.

Denis Dionne — Yes, definitely. I grew up here in NH,and will always live here. This is a part of what makes NH great!

Kim Nahodil — Yes, I think N.H. should be first as it always was. I lived there for the first 16 yrs. of my life, but I now reside in PA.

Alex Leoni — I am a die-hard liberal in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. That being said, I have a sense of history and certain traditions. The politics of today are not the politics of the original framers of our electoral process. I think we should return to the original primary process with New Hampshire in the pole position. Additionally, I resent and dislike this earlier process that has developed.

Jim Whitehead — The tradition should be recognized. Just as the constitution should be recognized. Who amongst the candidates even believes in the constitution. At the same time, I am just a cajun from Louisiana that most everyone in this country believes we should be judged by our politicians. NOT. I will give a unique recipe to anyone that will truly do research into all of the persons running and make up their own minds. Visit their web sites and look at the U-tube videos, My Space sites, and make up your own minds. Do not JUST watch the television. The best Gumbo, Jambalaya or Shrimp/crab and corn bisque is the offer.

Brenda Reeves — Yes, it should stay. Has worked ok.

Ralph Worthington — I left New Hampshire 50 years ago and moved to Florida. You can take the man out of New England, but you cannot take New England out of the man. New England will always be my home.

Sharon Hart — The first in the nation primary should definitely still happen in New Hampshire!! To have it anywhere else would just be wrong!!

Theresa Montagnon — I’ve spent a great deal of my life in the state of New Hampshire and the state and it’s people are just as American as any others. I vote they keep the Primary.

Randell Martin — I appreciate, and enjoy, the traditions of the New Hampshire primary and the Iowa Caucuses leading off the presidential campaign season. Keep the primary where it is on the calendar.

Jeanne Moran — In my heart, I believe all elections are “fixed”…not by God!! By politicians!!!!!! Who think they’re God!!!!!!!!

Christopher Hall — Of course New Hampshire should remain the very first Primary in the nation! Do you really trust an Iowan to make an informed decision? NO!! Keep the tradition ALIVE!

Updated Thursday, November 15th, 2007

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