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DIY: Fix Sticky Drawers

DIY: Fix Sticky Drawers
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Fighting with a dresser drawer that sticks can be the most frustrating of domestic disputes. Left unaddressed, these little annoyances can evolve into real damage: the handles can break, and the drawers themselves may come apart. Rather than replace your dresser with a newer model that has drawers that don’t stick, extend its life by taking these three steps right now to fix sticky drawers.

  • Take the sticky drawers out and look at the edges. Are there any shiny spots? Those are the areas that stick. Sand them down with some coarse sandpaper, and they should be fine.
  • If your drawer usually holds books or other heavy items, the frame of the sticky drawer may need to be lubricated. Rub the drawer frame — the spots where the drawer glides into the frame — with candle wax, paraffin, or even an old bar of soap to give it a little extra glide. You can also spray them with a product such ad WD-40.
  • If you take the drawer out, you may notice that the glide — the narrow piece of wood which the drawer glides shut — is missing or worn down. If it’s missing, the drawer will drag. You can give fix this sticky drawer and give it a lift by pushing three or four thumbtacks along the glide. It should then open and close with ease.
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