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A Night of Jazz | Mary's Farm

A Night of Jazz | Mary’s Farm
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One Response to A Night of Jazz | Mary’s Farm

  1. October 11, 2010 at 10:16 pm #

    Remember me—-Ruth (Bixby) Bray now. We met through Hospice many years ago. You without white hair—-my red hair turned early. I’m so pleased that I had enought grey matter to seek out Yankee on this THING– enjoyed the Jazz–also the Long trip (Iceland)? If something isn’t right in front of me I can forget! I’m SO OLD ! Yet I say my age is holding at 28 ! We also went through your place of Yankee—guess you were on one of your FLY trips. I’m really interested In the folks who take barns apart–you wrote that they did your barn. We have so many barns with those wonderful hand hewed beams in them- could you give me an address or sumpin–? THANX. I have a wonderful E-mail of what I call Jazz dancers–would you care to see that—even makes my feet tingle– rmb

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