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Knowledge & Wisdom: Fish Tips

Knowledge & Wisdom: Fish Tips
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by in Jul 2011

If you want to do better than the others in your boat, sit in the back; the person in the back always gets the largest catch. When fishing for cod, the key to keeping them good and firm is to gut them as soon as they’re caught; if you throw them in with the others, the meat will be mushy by the time you can clean them. Never keep fish in a plastic pail with water in the bottom; the water will get too warm and ruin the fish. It’s best to use a potato or onion sack; if the day is hot and sunny, the bag can be hung over the side so that the fish are always protected in the water. Once your saltwater fish has been filleted, never wash it off in fresh water; it will ruin the flavor. Fill a milk crate with fillets, rinse them in the ocean, drain them, and freeze them.

“The Flounder Man”, July 1983


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