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Humpty Dumpty Chips │Maine's Potato Chip

Humpty Dumpty Chips │Maine’s Potato Chip
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A Maine favorite since 1947, Humpty Dumpty chips are a potato tradition and regional snack favorite thanks to unique flavors like Sour Cream & Clam and All Dressed. Learn more about the Pine Tree State’s favorite snack.

humpty dumpty chips
Photo/Art by Aimee Seavey
Humpty Dumpty potato chips – a Maine classic.

Munching on potato chips is an American past-time, and while a few “big brands” have a clear advantage in today’s market, there are still plenty of regional varieties — whether old favorites or new, small-batch brands — that reflect the tastes of local consumers.

So why the potato chip obsession? According to The Oxford Companion to American Food and Drink, home recipes for fried “potato shavings” began appearing in cookbooks as early as 1824, but the product’s fragility made it hard to package and transfer. During the 1930s and 1940s better packaging led to increasing potato chip popularity, but it wasn’t until the 1950s, when television commercials began promoting salty snacks with gusto, that potato chips and their peanut, popcorn, and pretzel cousins really took off. As a snacking nation, we’ve never looked back.

Humpty Dumpty is often cited as Maine’s favorite (and yes, also bargain) potato chip brand, getting its start in South Portland, Maine as The Humpty Dumpty Potato Chips Company, Inc. back in 1947. The company changed hands a few times over the years, most notably in 2000 when it was sold to a Canadian snack company before its current owner, Old Dutch Foods, took over in 2006. With flavors like Ketchup, Dill Pickle, Salt & Vinegar, BBQ, plus the popular Sour Cream & Clam and All-Dressed flavors, Humpty Dumpty’s US sales are limited almost exclusively to Maine, and yet, the brand maintains a loyal and enthusiastic following among Mainers and the many folks who visit the Pine Tree state each year.

Having only ever tried the Humpty Dumpty Ketchup variety on trips to Acadia during my college days, I hit up a few convenience stores during a recent trip to Maine for a few new HD flavors to try. While I was disappointed that I couldn’t find the Sour Cream & Clam variety, I did manage to pick up both the Dill Pickle and the All Dressed flavors.

The Dill Pickle variety wasn’t for me (the first sour whiff of the opened bag was like a punch in the nose)…

humpty dumpty chips dill pickle
Photo/Art by Aimee Seavey
Dill Pickle Humpty Dumpty chips.

…but the All Dressed was better, a ridged “everything” chip flavored like (as the label kind of illustrates) barbecue sauce, ketchup, and salt & vinegar. Hearty in texture thanks to the ripples the Dill Pickle chips lacked, the BBQ/ketchup flavor is the first thing you’ll taste, but the tang of the salt & vinegar rounds out the flavor, and the result is (for me, at least) pretty addictive.

humpty dumpty chips all dressed
Photo/Art by Aimee Seavey
All Dressed and highly addictive.

I should note that Ruffles also makes an “All Dressed” variety, but it’s only available in Canada, so if you’re curious to try an “everything chip,” you’ll have to head to Maine, get a local to mail you some, or (of course) turn to the internet.

Even if Humpty Dumpty chips aren’t your favorite regional potato chip brand, when you rip open a bag (perhaps alongside a cold can of Moxie), you can at least pat yourself on the back for continuing a nearly 70 year Maine tradition!

Aimee Seavey


Aimee Seavey


As Yankee's Digital Editor, Aimee manages, produces, and promotes content for Yankee's digital and social media initiatives. A lifelong New Englander, she loves history and a good Massachusetts South Shore bar pizza.
Updated Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

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19 Responses to Humpty Dumpty Chips │Maine’s Potato Chip

  1. Sheryl March 31, 2014 at 1:14 pm #

    I get the All Dressed at my local Shaw’s supermarket in Southern NH. They have most of the varieties year round but I stick to All Dressed. I can eat a bag of those in a sitting if I’m not careful. SOOOO GOOD! I think you can find the Sour Cream and Clam during the summer along the seacoast. I know I’ve seen them in convenience stores along the coast but I don’t have the guts to try them personally.

    • Adam July 15, 2014 at 9:20 am #

      I remember humpty dumpty chips from years of vacationing in Maine when I was little. This summer(20 years later), I’m going to NH on vacation. Just wondering what your local Shaw’s store is? I’d love to pick up some Humpty Dumpty’s while I’m up that way. You can’t find them ANYWHERE in NJ.

  2. peter June 30, 2014 at 6:39 pm #

    I drove tractor trailer for Humpty Dumpty potato chips for years when I younger definitely one of my favorite jobs .

  3. Amy Newgarden July 1, 2014 at 5:55 pm #

    My sister and I grew up with Humpty Dumpty Potato Chips so I was just looking you guys up to see if you were still in business and where may she possibly buy some. Could you please let me know. Thanks.

    • Aimee Seavey July 2, 2014 at 9:48 am #

      Hi Amy. Humpty Dumpty chips are available in grocery stores, gas stations, and general stores throughout New England. If you’re not in New England, I’d suggest giving the Old Dutch/Humpty Dumpty customer service number a call to see if there’s a way to order online, or reach out to a friend in New England to mail you some! Good luck!

  4. Cap Bubba SnappaHead August 30, 2014 at 2:08 pm #

    What IS the contact number for ORDERING Humpty Dumpty chips?

    • Aimee Seavey August 30, 2014 at 2:53 pm #

      Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about how to order Humpty Dumpty chips for those who aren’t local, but if you visit the Contact page for Old Dutch Foods (Humpty Dumpty’s parent company) you can follow their instructions on how to reach them for more information. Here is the page:

  5. Vicki Bogia November 6, 2014 at 11:25 pm #

    This sound really great, would love to be able to find out, where to purchase these online. Will have to look into this.

  6. Hux December 4, 2014 at 12:42 pm #

    While I love Humpty Dumpty chips, and still keep whatever brand of chips on hand in a big 1950’s era Humpty Dumpty tin container, they haven’t been made in New England in years. Not really a New England brand anymore.

  7. richard March 29, 2015 at 8:57 am #

    Every time I go to Vermont we pick up 10 plus bags of Humpty Dumpty bbque chips, i have friends hooked on them, the best chips ever. Only wish we can get them in nj

  8. Randy January 13, 2016 at 8:34 am #

    Those haven’t been Maine potato chips in over 15 years now. A Canadian company bought them out in 2000, and they’re been made up the since.

    • Aimee Seavey January 13, 2016 at 2:34 pm #

      Hi Randy. The Humpty Dumpty Potato Chips Company, Inc. started in Maine in 1947, but changed hands a few times over the years, most notably in 2000 when it was sold to a Canadian snack company. Its current owner, Old Dutch Foods, took over in 2006. They’re headquartered in Roseville, MN. We’re not sure where they actually make the chips, but we’re glad they’re still sold in Maine!

      • Doug Albert February 1, 2016 at 12:05 pm #

        Hi Amy,
        I was a Maine potato grower that supplied spuds to the original South Portland plant for years until it was put into bankruptcy two years after NAFT. NAFT removed the tax on imported potato chip products and financially strapped the South Portland chip manufacturer.
        Humpty Dumpty Company (HDC) of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada purchased the product line early 2000s.HDC closed the local plant, fired the employees and moved production to Canada. I was there when employees showed up for work to find a guard at the plant entrance. The Canadian company HDC continued to mislabel their chips as a Maine-made product for years until forced to stop. It’s a marketing strategy that unfortunately has been missed by many folks. As you wrote the new owners Old Dutch Foods is a misnomer. Old Dutch Foods is a Canadian company which coincidently operates out of the same Kitchener, Ontario as the Humpty Dumpty company.

  9. Tabor Cofrin January 26, 2016 at 1:19 pm #

    Growing up all I ate was Humpty Dumpty barbecue chips with a coke. I have always wondered why such a great BBQ chip disappear. I would like to find away to order a case. The most exciting with these chips is some would be mellow and then some would rock. Yah ! rock. I miss them so much. Please respond. :-)

  10. Cheri March 22, 2016 at 5:19 pm #

    when I was growing up, my parents had a Humpty Dumpty potato chip tin. Yellow in color. Can you tell me what that would be worth? Or direct me to someone that might know

    Thank you

  11. NIBLETT April 11, 2016 at 6:54 pm #

    Back in the day ( 60’s – 80’s ). I ate Humpty Dumpty BBQ chips. The best ever made. Then I got older and traveled all over the country. And their was only one best Dumpty. THEN Humpty was sold to a Canadian company. I assume they purchased the original recipe. BUT the powers that be said we can do this much cheaper and the folks that eat them will not know the difference. And if they do we’ll give them flavors like pickle and ketchup and pop corn. Well I would like to purchase the original recipe from the new owners, because there are a lot of people that you have let down. I spend a fare amount of time in Canada and your product is not very good. BUT if it’s the only thing the people have and you have captive audience well done sleep well.

  12. William June 2, 2016 at 7:46 pm #

    I found Humpty Dumpty chips in a Shaws in Gloucester, Mass.
    The Ridged All Dressed flavor are interesting.

  13. connie June 11, 2016 at 11:16 am #

    what happen to the ketchup Humpty Dumpty chips

  14. Allen June 25, 2016 at 8:05 pm #

    Many years ago I tried Ballpark Frank flavor in small 2 Oz bags. They were great. Could not mind them anyware else but northern maine. Today I found big 7oz bags at a small market in lebanon, me. Limited Edition. Just like eating a hotdog.

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