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Farm in Northumberland, New Hampshire | House for Sale

Farm in Northumberland, New Hampshire | House for Sale
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The Hydroelectric Plant: Located in a basement area beneath the room housing the cider press, it supplies all the power needs for the farm, with an extra amount going to the Public Service of New Hampshire utility. Apparently, it requires very little attention. “Maybe an hour per month for lubrication,” Chris told us, adding that the intake screen needs cleaning every two weeks, which, he says, takes about 15 minutes. “But you need to do it more during the fall rains.” To get a bit technical, the plant, made in West Germany, is an Ossberger crossflow turbine supplied by a 10″/12″ penstock, 1,500 feet in length with a 100-foot head, supplying 1,000 gallons per minute at maximum output and producing 17 kilowatts.If you understand the above–or would at least like to–then we’d guess you might well qualify to be “the next dreamer.” Lucky you.

Oh, is anyone wondering how Lost Nation came to be called that? Here’s one theory (of several): Years ago a minister came over from Lancaster to preach in the local church. But only one person showed up that Sunday. “This is a lost nation,” the minister was heard to say as he was leaving–and the name stuck.

Are you ready to believe that?

For details, contact Chris Hawkins, 26 Herman Savage Road, Lancaster, NH 03584;603-631-1888.;


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