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Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 15

Diary of a Ski Patrolman: Week 15
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This past week has been “Canadian Week” at Okemo. It’s similar to February vacation week for the U.S. In all other ways it’s been completely different. For instance, instead of the mountain being filled to capacity by skiers and boarders careening towards each other in desperate attempts to rush through the lines, the mountain has a sense of serenity about it. Sure, there are plenty of Canadians on the hill, but they’re all so, well, polite. Friendly. Interested in asking about my job, and happy to have a conversation on the lift about anything at all. I heard that one Canadian was even found on Mountain Road, simply taking a nap. That’s what I call laid back and admirable. We don’t take enough naps – let alone in the snow. We should follow this man’s lead and nap more, and we should follow Canadians in general and learn to appreciate our fellow people more. I’ll take Canadian Week anytime. I’ll always remember this scene at the end of each day: numerous Canadians sitting outside in lawn chairs, enjoying the last hour or so of daylight. No rushing, no stress. Just admiring the place and the time. A good life, and a good way to spend it. So, thank you Canadians, and come back soon.

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